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Looking Forward: A September 30th, 2021 Health Forum in Mount Waddington - Save the date.

Mount Waddington, B.C. June 9, 2021 - It's been a while since we could gather with our colleagues and share information, laughs, and plans. At the fall forum in Mount Waddington we are planning to do just that - if public health orders allow! Save the date for September 30th, 2021 and factor in a reconnect, refresh, sharing and learning session with colleagues and partners in community health and wellness from across the Kwakwaka'wakw/Mount Waddington region.

This summer we will form a working group to frame up an event (preferably in person) but potentially online that allows us a valuable sharing opportunity that we have all come to miss. If you wish to be involved in something fun, throw your name in the ring as we plan for this overdue forum on "All Community Health!"

We look forward to updates, good discussions, planning, good food, good laughs and if there is a tear or two, that just keeps it real. <3 We're all in this together! Contact Angela to join the event working group or nominate your pals. coordinator@mwhn.ca

Gilakas'la, Thanks!

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