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Supporting ourselves: our friends, family, colleagues, and community in a journey to a healthier life.

Substance Use & Recovery Services


When action meets compassion,
lives change. 

At the Mount Waddington Health Network we have been working with a diverse cross-section of community to listen, learn, and share information about substance use issues and how to better support and work with people who are impacted by the grip of substances - this includes our friends, families, colleagues, ourselves and our entire greater community. There is no person untouched by this issue.

Our 2012 Addiction and Recovery Services Plan and 2021 Substance Use and Recovery Services Plan are two formative documents that deeply and meaningfully explore what our communities observe, think, feel and want in our journey to better health and relationships with substance use. We encourage all caring community members to read these documents, and join us in the ingoing conversation around better educated, innovative, trauma-informed care.  The aforementioned documents are merely a starting point in joining the complex conversation around substance use. We as a network express humility in our approach and we understand there will be our errors and omissions in our work as we strive to better understand and serve all people.

"When a flower doesn't bloom you fix the environment in which it grows,

not the flower." 

We also advocate for community to read In Plain Sight: Addressing Indigenous-specific racism and discrimination in B.C. healthcare, which explores the circumstances that Indigenous Canadians experience when seeking help in the medical system. 




  • Island Health Mental Health and Substance UseMental Health and Substance Use (MHSU) services in Mt. Waddington region delivers a range of services to persons living with severe mental health and/or substance use issues.  MHSU works closely with other Island Health programs, local physicians and nurse practitioners, First Nations health partners and other not for profit groups to ensure that “every door is the right door” to access the appropriate service setting.  We accept referrals from primary care providers, health programs, community partners and self referrals.

  • North Island Crisis and Counselling Centre Society: NICCCS provides for this in the North Island Community through: Advocacy, Crisis Intervention, Referral Services, Counselling, Child Development and Family Supports. NICCCS's approach is to work in a pro-active manner as a co-operative member of the local service provision community.

  • Foundry Port Hardy: Coming winter 2022/2023 for youth!

  • Salvation Army Lighthouse Resource Centre: The Centre of Hope has an open door policy and everyone is welcome. The Salvation Army has a family atmosphere where people are listened to, cared for, and treated with dignity and respect. Their team goes above and beyond to ensure that the people they serve feel valued. The expressed purpose of all programs and services is to meet people “where they are at” without judgment. They offer these programs and services in a warm, friendly, and safe environment that helps to foster relationships that are nurturing and loving.

  • Gwa'dzi Managed Alcohol Program (MAP): MAP is a harm reduction strategy that may reduce consumption of alcohol and non-beverage alcohol resulting in fewer Emergency Department visits and hospital admissions while improving the health of individuals who are suffering from alcohol use disorder. MAPs are also useful for patients who are at risk for seizures and over-intoxication. Managed alcohol (MA) offers healthcare practitioners an opportunity to form a therapeutic relationship with patients who might have had past negative healthcare experiences. 

  • Discovery Youth & Family and Substance Use Services:  Discovery Youth and Family Substance Use Services offers free community-based counselling services, access to residential care and treatment for youth struggling with substance use. We assist youth and/or their families to reduce the harms associated with substance use and related issues. Discovery’s services are available to anyone in the community directly or indirectly impacted by substance use. This includes:

•    Youth aged 13 to 19 who have concerns about alcohol or drug use

•    Families/Caregivers who are concerned about a youth using alcohol or drugs 
•    Any support person who is worried about a youth’s use of alcohol or drugs
•    Youth who are affected by someone else’s use of alcohol or drugs 

"A Safer Place to Be"

A pilot project to serve vulnerable people - Summer/Fall 2022

It is with excitement that Port Hardy Mayor and Council to collaborate with Island Health, Mental Health Services to provide a community location for outreach to the North Island’s most vulnerable population in Stink Creek Park.

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