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Vision, Mission, and Values of the Child & Youth Committee:



Healthy youth and children growing into healthy adults 


Work with service providers, government agencies, educators, parents and all people in all communities, indigenous and non-indigenous, to improve the environment for children and youth



Safety, trust, inclusion, compassion, understanding

Goals of the 2020 – 2022 Child & Youth Committee:

Short Term Goals: 

1.Complete the Foundry Convening Stage

2.Bring Foundry Youth Centre to our region


Medium Term Goals:

1. Decrease the amount of youth substance use in our communities 

2. Focus and develop brainstorm initiative and look for opportunities to help with child & youth issues such as:

  • Mental health 

  • Education

  • Physical health 

  • Housing

  • Food Security

  • Employment

  • Maternal health 

  • Culture and Identity

Child & Youth Committee
Co-Chair: Christine Swain, Discovery Youth
FOUNDRY Port Hardy/Mt Waddig Lead: Chris Parker, NICCCS
Mount Waddington Health Network 

P.O. Box 709
Port McNeill, British Columbia

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