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Island Health 

First Nations Health Authority

Divisions of Family Practice


Vision, Mission, and Values of the Health Services Committee:



Support regional health care services and help people understand those services 



Communicate with and help community access care in the best possible manner – at the right time, in the right place, and through the right avenue



Respect, accurate and open access to information, courtesy, dignity, communication, mutual accountability

Goals of the 2020 – 2022 Health Services Committee:

Short Term Goals: 

1. Create a Health Services Communication Strategy for the region

2. Plan to share our Health Services Communication Strategy as a pilot project that could be implemented in other regions

3. Using guidelines established in our Health Services Communication Strategy, educate the public in the access of services – when, where, how, why, and who can help them

4. Support and educate the public on the correct feedback mechanisms in communication of their concerns with care 

Medium Term Goals:

1. Understand options for increasing levels of respite care in the region for family-based caregivers

2. Increase access to regional health information 

3. Engage with external organizations to understand their lived experiences around patient experiences, and consider how to improve our communication and networking capabilities

4. Explore options for a Nurse Navigator Program

5. Increase communication and partnerships with First Nations Health Authority to better communicate integrated healthcare options for Indigenous peoples 

5. Explore local issues around primary care access with the aim of promoting healthy living

6. Evaluate local health care expectations and realities in community

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