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A Great Opportunity: Become An Energy Advisor! Eco Trust has a North-Island Opening

Mount Waddington, April 11 2022 - Eco-Trust Canada continues to work in the region to support communities and people with energy efficiency in aim of combating energy poverty. There is now an opportunity to join their team as an Energy Advisor!

Energy Advisor Training and Mentorship Program

What is an Energy Advisor? Energy Advisors evaluate household energy efficiency by taking measurements of homes and identifying how they are constructed and what systems they use (ex. type of heating system). This information is used to produce a report that calculates the energy performance of a home and makes recommendations for reducing energy use and improving comfort and safety. The reports (see example here) provide homeowners with valuable information about how to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and access funding to make upgrades. There are currently very few Energy Advisors working from the north end of Vancouver Island, and the Central, and North Coast regions of BC. This means homes in these regions do not have regular, affordable access to Energy Advisor services. What is the opportunity? Five participants will complete 6 months of part-time training, studying, and exams in 2022, and then become a Certified Energy Advisor working across your region in 2023 and beyond. Become part of a small team of Coastal Energy Advisors and work on your own schedule. All costs for the program are covered, including for training, studying, mentorship, exams, travel, accommodation, and equipment. Honoraria will be provided for completion of each major component during the training and studying period. Who can apply? Anyone who lives in or can relocate to Northern Vancouver Island, Central & North Coast, Northern Sunshine Coast, and Haida Gwaii can apply. People from underrepresented groups in the Energy Advisor profession, including Indigenous Peoples, women, persons with disabilities, racialized individuals, and individuals who identify as 2SLGBTQIA+, are highly encouraged to apply and will be prioritized in the selection process. A background in building science, construction, and energy are assets, but are notrequired to apply. Anyone interested in learning a new skillset and working in home energy efficiency will be considered. Successful candidates will possess: math, computer (Microsoft Office), and analytical skills; interpersonal communication, time management, problem-solving and decision making skills; and, have attention to detail. Location Northern Vancouver Island, Northern Sunshine Coast, Central & North Coast, and Haida Gwaii.

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