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B.C.'s Provincial Summit on Aging Preview Keynote Series

As a sneak preview for British Columbia's upcoming Provincial Summit on Aging in April 2022, a series of 60-minute virtual international keynotes and discussions will take place this fall that you won't want to miss! The keynotes focus on programs that were developed in other countries and have inspired and informed some current initiatives in B.C., but will be of interest to those interested in healthy aging anywhere in Canada. What is Social Prescribing? Date: Tuesday, October 19th, 2021 Time: 8:00 am to 9:00 am Social prescribing - the practice of medical practitioners connecting patients to community supports to improve health and well-being - was pioneered in the U.K .and is now gaining a foothold in Canada. Join us for this session to learn about how social prescribing emerged and evolved, evidence of its effectiveness, and how it is being

implemented in Canada.


Other Keynotes in the series:

Tuesday, November 2nd at 3pm (PST): The Men's Shed Movement Around the World, featuring Dr. Barry Golding (Australia) and Men's Shed Association of BC. Register here.

Tuesday, November 16th at 9am (PST): Frome's "Compassion Project", featuring – Patrick Abrahams (UK Men’s Sheds) and Julie Carey-Downes (Health Connections Mendip - UK). Register here.

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