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FOOD SECURITY - Organizations, Networks, and Supply in COVID-19

Summer 2020 - Food Security Committee

Food access and supply is a concern for all people. For most, social distancing protocol can occur, and special care can be made in the visit to the local grocery store. However, for the vulnerable in society food access is an issue that is more challenging during this time. Of the vulnerable,  there are two distinct tiers of people who need food assistance during the time of COVID-19:
  1. Those who are having affordability issues and cannot afford food and are going hungry

  2. Those who are having trouble accessing supplies but can afford their food, such as the elderly or those with a compromised immune system. 

If you cannot afford food and need help getting it, please contact the Harvest Food Bank and Loaves & Fishes Food Program . Additionally, the Volunteer Transportation Network is able to help people with financial need with supply delivery. Otherwise, the businesses in our communities have developed work-arounds. Contact your local grocery store for assistance, and review the resources below to understand the food distribution networks in your community. 
There are social service agencies providing food for their clients. If you are accessing a social service agency, mental health and substance use services, or childcare supports and have trouble accessing food, please reach out and let your service provider know. There are many ways to get help. 

If you are having trouble accessing food, please start with the following matrix:

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