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Chronic Pain Self Management Workshop - Mount Waddington

October 22, 2019

Chronic Pain Self-Management Program

Opportunity for the Mount Waddington Region and our residents who are suffering from chronic pain. Read on for more information about ways to improve quality of life and decrease pain and suffering from chronic conditions. 

The Chronic Pain Self-Management Program is a community program to help people live successfully with chronic pain. It is led by two trained leaders who complete a four-day training workshop and is delivered in communities to groups of 10-16 persons, once a week for 2 ½ hours, for six consecutive weeks. Participants receive a book which accompanies this program and includes the “Moving Easy Program” CD which provides a set of easy to follow exercises that can be done in the comfort of your own home.

For information about workshop dates and locations:

TOLL FREE 1 866-902-3767 

This program was designed for persons experiencing chronic musculoskeletal pain, whiplash injuries, chronic regional pain syndromes, repetitive strain injury, chronic pelvic pain, postsurgical pain that lasts beyond 6 months, neuropathic pain, or neuralgias, and post stroke or central pain. It may also be appropriate for those with conditions such as persistent headache, Crohn’s Disease, irritable bowel syndrome, people with diabetes who have neuropathy, and for individuals who have severe muscular pain due to conditions such as multiple sclerosis.
The Chronic Pain Self-Management Program provides knowledge and information; teaches skills that give greater confidence in the ability to manage chronic pain, and helps people improve their quality of life.


The Program covers the following topics:  

  • What is pain? 

  • Getting a good night’s sleep  

  • Understanding the pain and  symptom cycle 

  • Physical activity and exercise 

  • Pacing and planning 

  • Making decisions 

  • Better breathing & relaxation body scan 

  • Dealing with difficult emotions 

  • Fatigue and sleep management 

  • Stress and guided imagery relaxation 

  • Working with health care team 

  • Medications for chronic pain 

  • Depression and positive thinking 

  • Evaluating treatments 

  • Weight management

For information about workshop dates and locations:
TOLL FREE 1 866-902-3767   



Chronic Pain Self-Management Program Evaluation Studies
Two evaluation studies have been conducted and found that people who took the program had positive changes 3 months later which lasted for 12 months, and that the program reduced the costs of chronic pain.   
What participants say about the program: 

"A well presented and informative workshop of value to those suffering from chronic pain; family members ...obtain information on assisting their loved ones"

"I have learned different ways to handle my pain. Some things I had not thought of in the past necessarily and just learned different ways how to handle my pain, the different emotions that can arise from feeling the pain and so that helps me personally and professionally."
Other Self-Management Programs include:

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Thriving & Surviving (select communities)
 Self-Management BC is supported by the Province of British Columbia

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