Sointula created a grass-roots, community support network that assists all.

The community of Sointula created a services directory to help residents navigate the changes in our lives due to COVID-19. This mission, began over a month ago, and

included delegating roles and responsibilities to caring community volunteers, planning, and creating an information page through the Sointula Resource Centre where residents can find the help they need.

Further, leadership in the community is continuing to look for medium and long term solutions for help once the immediate impacts of COVID-19 are dealt with. Have a look at the SointulaInfo.ca website for more information.

Retrieved from https://sointulainfo.ca/covid/


Information on local businesses, services and volunteer networks.   The information will be updated as changes take place. If you would like to add or revise anything please contact Marjorie @ 250-974-8285 or email us at sointulainfo@gmail.com"






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Please contact us to request information, learn about an organization or service operating on the North island, provide feedback on our site, or anything else you may need. Our Network depends on caring people who use positive energy and good will to help! Thank you! Gilakas'la!

The Mount Waddington Health Network is supported by funding from Island Health, the Regional District of Mount Waddington, our communities, organizations, and many volunteers. Thank you to all who make this good work happen.