Presentation: Moving City Home Care of Frailty into a Semi-rural Community June 9 @ 3:30pm

For BCRHN Members and Supporters: You are invited to attend the second in a series of quarterly presentations on health-related topics to be held on June 9, from 3:30 - 4:00 pm.

Dr. John Sloan will be the presenter and his topic is entitled CARE TRANSPLANT: Moving City Home Care of Frailty into a Semi-Rural Community. The presentation will be by teleconference through the following numbers:

Dial-in: 1-866-539-1040
Access code: 6615353

Please read the following document for more information on Dr. Sloan's initiative.

CARE TRANSPLANT: Moving City Home Care of Frailty into a Semi-Rural Community


I'm a family physician whose practice has been confined to home care of frail elderly people, trying to avoid institutional care of these patients. I've published quite a few articles and several books on health care. I now live full-time in Roberts Creek BC.

Home ViVE (Visits to Vancouver Elders) is a multidisciplinary primary care program looking after about 350 homebound elderly people in the city, offering 24/7 medical care available in the home. I moved from Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast (Roberts Creek) about a year ago and have attempted to move my semi-retirement ViVE-style medical practice to the Coast. I'll describe some more characteristics of the city practice.

I'll also describe a few differences I've run into. Without any other physicians or nurse practitioners as colleagues which existed in the city, I am doing this more or less solo, also working with home care nurses, rehab, and palliative care as it exists on the Coast. I'm meeting and working with local administration and medical leaders to see if I can convince them of the advantages of this model of care, so they will let me recruit a nurse practitioner to work with me, funded by Vancouver Coastal Health. I'm quietly canvassing other family physicians in the area to see if anyone would be willing to participate in this type of care. With the NP it could then continue once I finally hang up my stethoscope.

Covid 19 has changed everybody's life at least temporarily and this effort of mine is no exception.

I'll provide a couple of case examples to try to illustrate some of the challenges and rewards of this little enterprise.






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