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Members and Roles

The MWHN table of partners is comprised of members from local government, First Nations Bands, various public and non-profit service organizations, and other interested community members in the Mount Waddington area. Members can represent more than one organization, with resource and support people being invited to the Health Network meetings as needed. 

The table of partners serves as the liaison mechanism between the MWHN and organizations that provide or have interest in public health. The partners also collaborate to develop and implement strategies and resources to better meet public and community health needs, assess need, and focus on the 12 key determinants of health.



and Access

We played an instrumental role in the implementation of public transit services in the region. 


Mount Waddington Transit began service July 2, 2008, with a generous grant from Island Health. As of April 1, 2010, BC Transit began cost-sharing in the system in partnership with the Regional District of Mount Waddington.


North Island Community Services Society operates the buses and the Transit Office. (RDMW.BC.CA)


Seniors-Elders Better Living

Established in 2009, the seniors-elders group representatives meet monthly to listen to issues and take action for the betterment of seniors health. 

We have partnered with Seniors Community Response Network to help prevent elder abuse, and have provided two seniors services guides and programs through funding from the Federal New Horizons programs. Without local advocacy, opportunities to support seniors and elders healthy leaving can not be realized.

Youth Council 

The Mount Waddington Youth Advisory Council was in operation for five years, leading three youth conferences and a variety of activities supported by local agencies. 

Youth housing was identified as the most important area of need at this time, and we helped facilitate research that provided information for Emergency Youth Housing. The Youth Council and Youth Housing projects are currently on hold, but remain a part of the MWHN portfolio. 


Addiction Plan

With leadership from Island Health, a community committee was formed between 2009 and 2012 that, in partnership, developed an additions plan for the RDMW. Many of the recommendations of this committee have been implemented, exemplifying the MWHN drive towards actionable solutions for health community living. 

Some of the better known results of MWHN involvement with addictions planning are the Cold Weather Shelter and advocacy for better services for complex mental and substance affected people, provided by Island Health.



Housing and Homelessness

Our 2009 Housing and Homelessness sub-committee worked with the Youth Council on developing a pilot youth shelter project with Island Health seed funding. From this program we learned about community expressed needs and regions that need focused support.


The Addiction and Planning Committee meet with the Housing and Homelessness committee regularly to address their intersection priorities. 


Ongoing funding for affordable housing and homelessness remain an issue in many jurisdictions throughout the province

Food Security

Food security is an area receiving increased attention in the year 2000's and beyond. The MWHN has an interest in community gardening, and recognized the ability of communities to support their own access to affordable and healthy food. 

For information on our successes in supporting community gardening, please contact us!

MWHN History

With the low population index of approximately 1.7 people per square kilometre in the Regional District of Mt Waddington, there are challenges for families and communities to sustain healthy, productive lives. Improvement of the health of communities and people living in Mt Waddington became a priority through the Island Health Strategic Plan community consultation process in November 2005, and the subsequent community and multi-stakeholder dialogue initiated in early 2006. Through these conversations, a crucial first step was taken by the establishment of a community-driven mechanism and process in which Mt Waddington citizens could have a voice and actively participate in improving the health outcomes in our region.

Since its inception in 2006, the Health Network has achieved a number of significant outcomes. As part of its commitment to "Healthy People, Healthy Communities", the Health Network held a series of forums and meetings to gauge what the most pressing concerns of residents were. Based on this information, the Health Network's Steering Committee guided the inception of 4 Sub-Committees: Mental Health & Addictions, Seniors/Elders, Housing & Homelessness, and Youth Leadership.


What Makes People Healthy?

" A health care system - even the best health care system in the world - will be only one of the ingredients that determine whether your life will be long or short, healthy or sick, full of fulfillment, or empty with despair"

- The Honourable Roy Romanow, 2004

The 12 Key Determinants of Health

There are 12 Key Determinants of Health. Click the points below to visit the Health Canada website to learn more about the Canadian standards in determining health:

  1. Income and Social Status

  2. Social Support Networks

  3. Education and Literacy

  4. Employment/Working Conditions

  5. Social Environments

  6. Physical Environments

  7. Personal Health Practices and Coping Skills

  8. Healthy Child Development

  9. Biology and Genetic Endowment

  10. Health Services

  11. Gender

  12. Culture

The 12 Key Determinants of Health

There are 12 Key Determinants of Health. Click the points below to visit the Health Canada website to learn more about the Canadian standards in determining health:

  1. Income and Social Status

  2. Social Support Networks

  3. Education and Literacy

  4. Employment/Working Conditions

  5. Social Environments

  6. Physical Environments

  7. Personal Health Practices and Coping Skills

  8. Healthy Child Development

  9. Biology and Genetic Endowment

  10. Health Services

  11. Gender

  12. Culture


Table of Partners

Our Table of Partners guides the Network, providing communication, governance and oversight of all of the Health Network's activities. Membership is made up of government appointees, community and regional agencies representatives.

Pat Corbett-Labatt - District of Port Hardy  

Vice Chair:

Shelley Downey - Town of Port McNeill  

Executive Committee

Sandra Waarne

Andrew Hory

Pat Corbett-Labatt

Shelley Downey

Matt Martin


Pat Corbett-Labatt - District of Port Hardy 
Shelley Downey - Town of Port McNeill
Wendy White - Namgis First Nation/Village of Alert Bay
Andrew Hory - Mount Waddington Regional District
Valerie Eyford - Port Alice Health Forum
Gail Neely - Seniors Elders Better Living Committee
Sandra Waarne - Alert Bay Healthy Community Committee
Patti Murphy  - Mount Waddington Division of Family Practice

Angelika Starr - Island Health, Mount Waddington
Helen Gurney - Hospital Auxiliaries
John Tidbury - North Island Lions Clubs
Christine Swain - Discovery Child Youth & Family
Bobbie Lucas - NI Community Services                     

Leslie Dyck - Mount Waddington Food Security 

Matt Martin - Kids in Motion     

Paula France - Ministry of Children and Family Development

Caitlin Hartnett - North Island College

Eric Hunter - School District 85 Trustee

Christina Macdonald - School District 85

Don Kattler - Poverty Reduction Consultant

Alison Mitchell - Island Health 

Greg Fletcher - Regional District of Mount Waddington

Alyson Hagan-Johnson

Candy-Lea Chickite

Marie Hunt

Sonja Conroy


Angela Smith -



Seniors-Elders Better Living 

Chair:  Gail Neely
Secretary: Sandy Parkinson



Bonnie Buburuz

Helen Gurney

Sandra Waarne

Lisanne Granger

Twinkle Follingham

Elaine Forsberg

Rosaline Glynn

Julie Foster

Eddy Lagrosse

Helen Scott

Nancy Stephenson

Wellness First Committee         


Pat Corbett-Labatt

Fred Robertson


Angelika Starr

Bobbie Lucas

Cathie Wilson

Chris Voller

Christine Swain

Colin Brouwer

Don Kattler

Douglas Hardie

Michael Winter

Sandra Waarne

Stephanie Nelson

Shane Thomas

Valerie Kuilboer

Marie Hunt



As the initiator of the Health Network, Island Health continues to provide expertise and ongoing operational funding. We appreciate the support and expertise offered through its community engagement division, as well as from the Mt Waddington leadership.

Our partners also include the Regional Hospital District of Mount Waddington. Local and regional government representatives are appointed to our Steering Committee.

In engaging with external parties, All MWHN grants and contracts are negotiated, received and administered by the Mount Waddington Regional Hospital District through a strong, collaborative relationship with the Steering Committee. We appreciate the in-kind space, support and expertise provided by the RDMW staff. The terms of reference outline our membership, terms of office, and responsibilities. 


You can make a difference. Participate in local and regional groups who are working together to improve the determinants of health for Mount Waddington residents.

Attend Health Forums:

Health forums are held twice a year, generally in the spring and late fall. We try to hold them in different communities so that everyone has a chance to attend one in their local community. We also support people to attend in other communities by providing assistance with car pooling and other transportation options.

Spread the Word: 

Tell your friends and family about the Health Network. Share information, bring concerns to the Steering Committee or Coordinator, and make an impact!

Join a Committee:

Do you have ideas for improving the wellbeing of people in our communities? If so, join a committee and participate in the dialogue that shapes decisions and actions.


Interested in making a difference? Join the Health Network!

  • Are you interested in Health and Health Related issues? 

  • Do you have a business that caters to health in the community? 

  • Are there issue you would like brought to light?

Join us, and play an important role in making Mount Waddington communities the healthiest we possibly can!


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